John Raimondi “Drawing to Sculpture” PowerPoint Lecture and Book Signing May 18th 5pm North Shore Arts Association


John Raimondi “Drawing to Sculpture” PowerPoint Lecture and Book Signing May 18th 5pm North Shore Arts Association Reception to Follow the Lecture $10 Suggested Donation View John on YouTube ~ Click John Raimondi lives a life that is totally immersed in art. As both a distinguished sculptor and art collector, he has spent a lifetime studying, creating and celebrating art in a wide variety of media. With monumental sculptures in the collections of museums, colleges and universities, airports, and dozens of other public and private locations throughout the United States and Europe, John Raimondi is considered among the most prominent sculptors living today. As Malcom Rogers, retired director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, comments: “Raimondi is one of the few contemporary artists who addresses public sculpture in a rhetorical way, with a big gesture combined with a great elegance of line. You feel that you’re looking at a drawing.” Regarding Raimondi’s works, Professor Henry Adams, Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History at Case Western Reserve University observes that “not only was the conception of these pieces extraordinary, but their fabrication was an intensely demanding process, often stretching new technologies to the limit and carried over a time span of as much as two years for a single sculpture.” According to Irvin Lippman, director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, where “Drawing to Sculpture: John Raimondi”, debuted in 2016, the exhibition “is a testimony to the creativity and endurance of Raimondi, one of America’s finest living sculptors.” To date, Raimondi has completed more than one-hundred monumental sculptures for public, corporate and private collections worldwide. ______________________________________________ “John Raimondi: Drawing to Sculpture” . . . is a seminal book that presents not only an unprecedented number of Raimondi’s sculptures and drawings, but also a sense of his ever-evolving career and creative approach to making unforgettable art. The book also complements a forty-five-year retrospective of Raimondi’s work at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. John has very generously donated copies of this book for this event ~ 100% of book purchase proceeds and door donations are for the benefit of North Shore Arts Association.