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Youth Open Mic – Halloween Spooktacular

halloween flyer color

Young people have planned a “Halloween Spooktacular” Youth Open Mic Night for those 18 years and younger to share their talents. The event is scheduled for Sunday, October 29, from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church, 10 Church Street, Gloucester, MA.

The emphasis is to have fun in a safe, non-competitive space welcome to all. Please come prepared to share, to listen and to applaud.

Any act, performed solo, duo or in small groups, up to five minutes long is welcome. Performances may draw from a multitude of forms – spoken word, dance, music, song, skits, monologues, magic, poetry, comedy and so on. If you can dream it, create it and bring it!  Be sure to sign up for a spot when you arrive.

For Halloween fun, costumes are encouraged. There will be trivia games and prizes.

Use the side entrance at 10 Church Street. FREE ADMISSION This project is funded in part by a grant from the Gloucester Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

The Youth Open Mic Night is presented by the Gloucester Youth Stage Project. GYSP is open to youth in middle and high school. The group’s mission is to support youth expression and skill development within a safe space.

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Gloucester Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

The Gloucester Youth Stage Project is cosponsored by Folk Life Studio and the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church. For more information call 978-879-6826.

Final GAAC Sawyer Library Talk of 2017


On Saturday afternoon October 28 at the Sawyer Free Library, from 2:00 to 4:00 we will have the final astronomy program of 2017 at the Sawyer Free Library, presented by the Gloucester Lyceum and the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club.

Astrophotographer and astronomy club stalwart Phil Orbanes will discuss, in an entertaining and colorful presentation, a dozen famous stars and their lifestyles, from Aldebaran to Sol, from the intemperate “live fast and die young” crowd to the more introspective and generally cool-headed class M red dwarves.

Phil will explain the ways in which astronomy’s HR diagram of stellar life cycles can be explained by the sidewalk outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and which star would show up where, from Barnard’s Star to the Dog Star. This will be a fun and informative program you won’t want to miss.

Next, Dr. Mario Motta will present a photographic record of his trip to see the great total solar eclipse of 2017. Mario spared no effort to find an observing spot out west where the weather would allow the best viewing and recording of the eclipse, and he will share the story of his trip and the terrific photos of the actual eclipse with the audience.

We’ll see a marvelous array of photos of the eclipse from start to finish, including some amazing shots of totality taken by Dr. Motta and by others as well.

SeniorCare Fundraiser Breakfast at Lobsta Land

SeniorCare Inc. will hold its annual autumn fundraising breakfast at Lobsta Land Restaurant, located on Causeway Street in Gloucester (Route 128, exit 12) on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Tickets are $12 per person and include your choice of pancakes, French toast, eggs, or a fruit plate with yogurt. Tickets are available in advance online, by calling 978-281-1750, or may be purchased at the door. Proceeds from the breakfast will benefit the full spectrum of programs offered by SeniorCare.

Rose Baker Fall Art Exhibit

Juni Van Dyke has selected Ginny Dench and Katherine Keith to be featured in fall exhibit at the Rose Baker Senior Center. Their work will be on display in the lobby of the Center from now until December. Juni is the instructor and Director of the Rose Baker Art Program and every two months she selects one or two artists from the Program for this honor.

oct 17-2.jpg

Ginny Dench (l) and Katherine Keith (r)  in front of the fall exhibit

Ginny Dench is an animal lover as well as an artist. She is a devoted volunteer at Cape Ann’s Animal Shelter, and often seen out and about with her own beloved dogs. Ginny’s understanding and love of animals is evident in her endearing drawings and paintings of “all creatures great and small.”

Fish.jpgThis work by Ginny, featuring fish, illustrates her unique style and interesting use of color.

In explaining her path to art, Ginny says “Up until the time I joined Juni’s art class at the Senior Center, my appreciation of nature had been as a watcher. Now my passion for nature has been transferred to images in drawings and paintings.”

When Katherine Keith is not involved in philanthropic works, she is an avid painter of flowers and landscapes.  This exhibit focuses on her original interpretations of the works of the French botanist Pierre Redoute.


The flower above is an excellent example of Katherine’s flowers, which are featured in the Fall Show..

Katherine’s vibrant use of color infuses each floral specimen with a lively and original vitality. Also included in the exhibition are Katherine’s renderings of favorite places around Cape Ann and Maine.





October 20 Meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club


GAAC is a week later than usual this month! The Oct 20 meeting, 8:00 pm at the Lanesville Community Center, will be well-worth the wait, with Dr. Bill Waller and a presentation titled “Surfing the Galactic Froth.”

This is pretty cool. As it turns out, space is not so empty after all, but instead is shot through with frothy stuff.

According to Dr. Waller, this phenomenon arises mostly from microscopic grains of dust, irradiated and warmed by stars within our Galaxy’s disk, and concentrated in nebular regions of recent star formation and subsequent stellar death.

There’s a lot we can learn from these complex emissions, which provide a record of processes that have structured and powered supposedly empty interstellar space for the past 100 million years. Some of these features can be described in terms of “filaments,” “loops,” and “shell fragments,” while others appear more random – appearances that are consistent with turbulence and other processes.

In his usual colorful and irreproducible style, Dr. Waller will consider some of the hot stars, intense stellar winds, and supernova explosions that power the galactic froth, and will present recent images of this nebular emission from three nearby galaxies.

The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club meets on the second Friday of the month (except for this October!) at 8:00 pm at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan St in Lanesville.  More information of the club can be found on the website at http://gaac.us, the facebook page, at http://www.facebook.com/gaacpage, and on twitter, @GAACster.

There is no cost, and there is plenty of free off-street parking. The public is warmly invited; there is no special knowledge required to have a great time.