Nature and Art Preschool Drop-off Program


Kestrel Educational Adventures is starting a preschool class this January!

Through play, stories, and hands – on experiences, we will explore the lives of wild creatures. The winter session will focus on using our senses to learn about the nature that is all around us. Each day we will focus on a different one of the senses, and on the final day, we will combine all senses to make discoveries. On most days, we will make original creations that show off the cool things we learn. Giving close attention to the world around us, we will become keen naturalists and imaginative artists. This class takes place primarily inside our headquarters building, with brief excursions into the areas right outside.

Nature Designs: Our Senses


Looking for Winter Fun? Try Stories from the Wildside!


Kestrel is excited to present “Stories from the Wild Side”! An in- depth (pun intended) winter exploration of animal tracking and story telling.  The class will be split into two 4-class field sessions, meeting every Saturday morning, and culminating in a project day at the Get Outside Center at 186 Main st Gloucester at the end of each session.dsc02785

Traipse through snowy woodlands in search of wildlife evidence and tracks. Practice tracking animals and reading clues to the life of the forest. Learn techniques for developing characters, drawing readers into a place, and creating intriguing plots.
Work independently or as a team to create an original nature based fiction story featuring the discoveries we have made, and your own imagination. Students can utilize any medium to tell their story; from written work to drawing to a diorama, or anything in between.


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Kestrel Adult Adventures:Survival of the……..Prepared!

Imagine yourself crouched over a small bundle of dried plant fluff that you collected, striking your fire steel until a spark ignites. The fluff catches, and before you know it, you have made a warm fire! Trusting in ourselves to survive in the outdoors can be fun and a wonderful confidence booster. This 2 hour workshop will cover some basic important wilderness survival skills. Our class will prepare you for real life survival situations such as cold emergencies, hunger and dehydration, conflict avoidance techniques (think making friends, rather than enemies), and of course how to get rescued. We are also open to your input into the direction our class takes. Just email us your interests.

Overarching themes will be:

-Finding the ability to overcome our fears

– Temperature regulation using human-made and natural materials and fire

-Wild edibles

-Learn how we humans can still be dependent on the natural world for survival


  • Dates    Sundays: Oct. 9th: Finding Food, Nov. 6th: Dehydration & First aid; Dec. 4nd: Cold, Conflicts, and Rescue
  • Time:  1:30-3:30
  • Enrollment Cutoffs: Min. 8 Participants, Max. 15 for each day
  • Ages              14 to infinity!
  • Price              $12 per Sunday, Advance registration necessary
  • Location         Tompson Street Reservation (Concord St Access)
  • Instructors     Clay

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Kestrel Preschool Adventure: Nature Design

Through play, stories, and hands on experiences, we will learn about the lives of some local animals. Each day, we will meet at least one animal and will make something original and creative based on that animal’s body or behavior. We might meet a snake and feel its skin, and then make clay snakes with scale patterns. We might observe insects and then make and test lightweight insect wings. This program is based on spontaneous experiences and discoveries to allow plenty of room for individual ideas and imagination.

  • Dates    6 Friday Mornings, September 30-November 4th, 2016
  • Time  10am-12:00noon
  • Ages              4-6
  • Price              $90
  • Location         The Get Outside Center, 186 Main Street Gloucester
  • Instructors    Jessica

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Kestrel Homeschool Adventures: Animal Heroes


Have you ever wondered or cared about the impacts of humans on wild animals and the environment? This fall we will take a look at human actions that have helped wild animals, and we’ll find places and things that can cause harm. As a group, we will brainstorm ideas for conservation projects and other actions that will help wildlife, and carry out one or more of our ideas. We might help restore populations of salamanders or turtles along their migratory routes, and possibly help raise, tag, or track sensitive populations of local creatures. Who knows what our group might come up with! We’ll follow the Service Learning Model as closely as we can, within the time constraints.


This program targets students 7-14 years old and will be held in the Ipswich area. You can find more info about the program on our website at Homeschool Adventures!