Evelyn Dunphy Watercolor September 30, October 1 and 2, 2017 10am-4pm Exploration of Color! This workshop will be an exploration of color and how we may broaden our understanding of its use in bringing our concepts into reality. Each painting deserves its own palette. We want to understand what color can do, what it does sometimes without our conscious decision about it, and how by understanding some of the interactions between colors, we can use that power to make our paintings more alive, and especially, more unique. No one else will make the same decisions or mixtures that you do. We can all learn the same notes, but the song won’t be the same when I sing it as it will when you do.www.evelyndunphy.com Register here www.nsarts.org


Charles Movalli Retrospective ~ North Shore Arts Association September, 17th through October, 28th Preview Reception September, 15th

Heading For Port Charles Movalli

“Charles Movalli – The Versatile Brush” by Judith A. Curtis
“Artist, author, teacher and jurist, Charles Movalli relished his reputation as an avant-garde painter and a man of letters. Others viewed him as a bridge between traditionalism and the modernists, not only on Cape Ann and the North Shore, but across the country, and as far afield as Europe. Charles Movalli touched the lives of everyone who knew him; through his art, his vision, his writing . . .” This is a beautiful forty-four page, soft cover catalog in full color. “The Versatile Brush” first printing will be available exclusively through North Shore Arts Association for $25.Charles_Movalli_Catalog_Cover)Movalli Retrospective Special Events . . .
September 15 (5-7pm) Charles Movalli Retrospective Preview Party
September 23 (2-4pm) Gallery Walk with Dale Ratcliff Movalli
October 7 (2-4) Judith Curtis Presentation “Charles Movalli”
October 11 (7-8) Special “Movie Night” Charles Movalli Demonstrations
October 15 (2-4pm) Gallery Walk with Betty Lou Schlemm
October 22 (2-4pm) Gallery Walk with Ed and Sharon Carson & Larry and Marilyn Swift

Gloucester Rotary Club Photo Contest

The Gloucester Rotary Club will publish a 12-month Cape Ann photo calendar for 2018 as a fundraiser. All profits will go to the Gloucester Rotary Club’s efforts to raise money that supports the many community and international activities in which the club is involved.

In Order to publish a beautiful calendar, the Club is requesting high quality digital photos that show the unique beauty of Cape Ann throughout the year– landscapes, seascapes, harbor scenes, sunrises/sunsets, boats, wildlife, etc. As we will be featuring one photo per month, we need images from each season: winter, spring, summer and fall. Photographs from Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester will be accepted.

Full contest rules and requirements are available online at www.gloucesterotary.org. All entries must be received by 12:00 p.m. on Friday, September 29, 2017.

More information about the Rotary Club of Gloucester is available online at www.gloucesterrotary.org and www.facebook.com/RotaryGloucesterMA .

The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.

Special Group Art Show at Rose Baker

The special exhibit currently on display at the Rose Baker Senior Center is a group show featuring works by eighteen artists. The artists meet in the Senior Center art room with Art Director Juni Van Dyke on Tuesdays and Thursdays to advance their skills in painting and drawing. This exhibit demonstrates the wondrous individuality of each of the 18 artists in the group.summer2

Pictured starting on the left in in the back row are: Natalie Daley, Doreen Ross, Geri Dammeyer, Barbara Maddix, Helen Burgess, Barbara Jobe, Judy Menicocci, Gen McNamara, Ed Leavitt, and Kay Carpenter. And in the front row are: Diane Taka, Juni VanDyke and Pippy Giuliano.

In describing the show, Juni VanDyke said: “Based on years of observation, it is my belief that creativity is best brought forth through encouragement rather than that which is generally associated with ‘method teaching’.  For sure, there are certain ‘formal principles’ of art-making:  harmony, balance, variety, proportion, etc., but if a person has the time and the passion for art process, he or she will likely move forward toward those principles with requisite success due, in large part, from the accumulation of artistic decisions associated with years of caring about how things look.  Environmental decisions; clothing decisions; home furnishing decisions; even table setting decisions; are just some of the artistic decisions that come into play as we go about our daily lives. Whether or not we are aware that these artistic decisions are grounded in ‘formal principle’ is irrelevant. Our artistic decisions accumulate over time and can be applied to whatever creative medium (water-color; pastel; oil; collage; etc.) is in play.”

Juni went on to say “My purpose in the classroom is to affirm and to encourage the individuality of each artist, and to celebrate and share evidence of their accomplishments. In sync with today’s current issues related to art therapy and aging:  I lean on the words of renowned psychoanalyst Erik Erikson (1902-1994):‘THE ARTS KEEP US VIALLY CONNECTED TO ONE ANOTHER AT ALL STAGES OF  THE LIFE CYCLE’.”


Congratulations and thanks to all the artists whose work is currently on display:

Ed Leavitt, Pippy Guilano, Doreen Ross, Joanne Maddix, Natalie Daley, Anthea Brigham, Barbara Jobe, Florence Martin, Kay Carpenter, Judy Menicocci, Tony Johnson, Bob Quinn, Mary McCarl, Barbara Maddix, Helen Burgess, Valerie Sadler, Judy Magee, Gen McNamara, Rosemary Whynot, Joanne Parisi and Ginny Dench. Their works reflect the principals of Juni’s teaching and each artist’s unique approach and style.


The exhibit will be on display until the end of September in the main lobby of the Rose Baker Senior Center at 6 Manuel F. Lewis Street in Gloucester. The show can be