Gloucester Preliminary Election: Polls Now Open (9/19)

Gloucester Preliminary Election (Mayoral Candidates)Gloucester will be conducting the 2017 Preliminary Municipal Election today, Tuesday, Sept 19th, 2017 between 7 AM and 8 PM with three candidates on the ballot for mayor. The top two candidates receiving the most votes will then be featured on the General Municipal Election, scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, alongside all other candidates running for various municipal races (City Council, School Committee).

For polling locations or other election details, please visit the City Clerk’s website here or Contact the Clerk’s Office at 978-281-9720 option #6.


Attention Private Contractors: Snow Plow Packets Are Available

Attention Private Contractors: Snow Plow Packets Are Available

Any private contractors interested in plowing, sanding and/or hauling snow for the City of Gloucester during the 2017-2018 season should submit to Public Works the following information before October 6, 2017:

1)  Completed Snow Plow Package
2)  Licenses for all drivers
3)  Registrations for all vehicles
4)  Proof of insurance
5)  Tare weights for all vehicles

Packets are available below, or you may pick one up at the Department of Public Works, 28 Poplar Street.

2017/2018 Plow Packets

Labor Day Weekend Traffic & Events Notice (9/1 to 9/4)

Gloucester’s Labor Day Weekend Events & Traffic Advisory for Sept 1 to Sept 4, 2017:

Please be advised of special events and beach/marathon traffic this long weekend (especially for Monday’s marathon), including:

Thank you to the Gloucester Police Department (Official)Gloucester Beaches / DPW, and all city staff working this weekend to help support these events and services! Happy Labor Day!

MBTA Wi-Fi project, as currently proposed, will not be advanced

MBTA Wi-Fi project, as currently proposed, will not be advanced

Gloucester and Cape Ann Elected Officials Work Together to Communicate Concerns

 BOSTON – The MBTA today notified BAI Communications that it will not approve the company’s current proposed implementation of the Wi-Fi system, under which BAI proposes to install approximately 320 seventy-foot monopoles along the Commuter Rail network’s rights of way.

In a letter to BAI, the MBTA said the proposal is not consistent with the license agreement, and cited concerns among members of the public and among federal and state legislators concerning the project’s impact on historic sites and community character.

“Gloucester is pleased about today’s announcement to halt the installation of Wi-Fi monopoles, especially since we didn’t get the chance to review any plans in advance,” said Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. “Thankfully, our administration worked across Cape Ann and the North Shore to share information, review the potential sites, and learn from our citizens what their thoughts were, which triggered a demand for accountability from all involved. We are grateful that our voices were heard by working together across local, state and federal levels.”

The MBTA said the license anticipated a more modest project involving the use of “short monopoles” or “existing light poles” to provide Wi-Fi, with only “excess space” available for lease to third party communication providers. BAI’s current proposal would double the size of every pole (and install an extensive fiber network) for the purpose of creating infrastructure to lease.

The MBTA has invited BAI to submit a new implementation plan that better reflects the more modest project anticipated by the license, on a timeframe that is consistent with the MBTA’s transportation and safety needs.

In light of the MBTA’s action, it is no longer necessary to discuss the Wi-Fi project at the August 14th meeting of the Fiscal and Management Control Board. Therefore, the Board will not be accepting public comment on the project.

Gloucester Awarded $97,500 State Grant for Pump Stations Floodproofing Redesign Retrofit

Baker-Polito Administration Awards $2.2 Million for Coastal Communities to Prepare for Climate Change 

BOSTON – The Baker-Polito Administration today announced more than $2.2 million in funding to support local efforts to increase community preparedness and resilience to coastal storm and climate change impacts, including storm surges, flooding, erosion, and rising sea levels. These grants, provided by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM), are being awarded to Dennis, Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc., Eastham, Essex, Falmouth, Gloucester, Kingston, Marshfield, Mattapoisett, New Bedford, Northeastern University, Salem, Scituate, Wareham, Weymouth and Winthrop. Fifty-one resilience projects have been completed under the Baker-Polito Administration with an investment of over $6.8 million for these projects.

“Protecting and preparing Massachusetts’ extensive residential and commercial developments, port facilities, habitats and natural resources from changing climate conditions along our coast is a priority for our administration,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “We are committed to addressing these challenges and pleased to provide more than $2 million to coastal communities to adapt and prepare for future storms.”

“Massachusetts is home to 78 coastal communities with unique economic assets that drive sustainable growth,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, who also serves as Chair of the Seaport Economic Council. “Today’s grants will help more than a dozen communities from Cape Cod to the North Shore and the South Coast better protect the assets that help drive their local communities.”

The funding continues the commitment of the Baker-Polito Administration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard residents, municipalities, and businesses from the impacts of climate change, and build a more resilient Commonwealth. Earlier this year, the Administration awarded over $1 million in grant funding and designation status has been awarded to 71 towns and cities across the Commonwealth to provide communities with technical support, climate change data and planning tools to identify hazards and develop strategies to improve resilience.

“The Commonwealth’s coastal communities are leading by example to proactively integrate climate change projections in planning, infrastructure improvements and the stabilization of natural coastal buffers like salt marsh and barrier beaches,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton. “Through these grants, we are helping to enable communities to become more resilient to coastal storms and sea level rise over time.”

CZM’s Coastal Resilience Grant Program provides financial and technical support for innovative local efforts to increase awareness and understanding of climate impacts, plan for changing conditions, redesign vulnerable community facilities and infrastructure and implement nonstructural measures to increase natural storm damage protection, flood and erosion control and community resilience. Grants can be used for planning, public outreach and feasibility assessment and analysis of shoreline vulnerability, as well as for design, permitting, construction and monitoring of projects that enhance or create natural resources to provide increased shoreline stabilization and flood control.

“Gloucester joins our local, state, regional and global leaders to make our communities more resilient to the effects of climate change,” said Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. “All of us will suffer the costs if we don’t act, both in our budgets and in our homes which will be lost. While these coastal resilience grants will help communities like Gloucester endure future storm events and minimize public health and environmental risks due to climate change, we cannot solve these issues alone and remain grateful for the support from the Baker-Polito administration in navigating solutions both short term and long.”

“Through the Coastal Resilience Grant Program, CZM actively works with communities and other partners to develop effective strategies to address shoreline erosion, flooding and climate change issues,” said CZM Director Bruce Carlisle. “We recognize the tremendous efforts and commitment at the local level needed to complete these projects, and we look forward to sharing project results with other coastal communities experiencing similar issues.”

Gloucester – $97,500

  • Project: Gloucester Pump Stations – Floodproofing Redesign and Retrofit
  • Description: The City of Gloucester will design and prepare bid specifications for infrastructure improvements at five of its most vulnerable pump stations. The floodproofing measures will be designed to protect the long-term function of the pump stations from anticipated sea level rise impacts.

The Massachusetts Office Coastal Zone Management is the lead policy and planning agency on coastal and ocean issues within the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Through planning, technical and grant assistance and public information programs, CZM seeks to balance the impacts of human activity with the protection of coastal and marine resources. The agency’s work includes helping coastal communities address the challenges of storms, sea level rise and other effects of climate change; working with state, regional and federal partners to balance current and new uses of ocean waters while protecting ocean habitats and promoting sustainable economic development; and partnering with communities and other organizations to protect and restore coastal water quality and habitats.


New City Alert System: GLOUCESTER EMERGENCY ALERTS powered by Smart911 (CodeRED to be retired)

GLOUCESTER EMERGENCY ALERTS powered by Smart911 is the official EMERGENCY notification system used by the City of Gloucester to communicate with residents during emergencies. Sign up now to receive free alerts from the City via text message, email, voice message or social media.

New Alerts-01


Citizens can register to receive alerts for the following:

  • Emergency Notifications – Urgent, must-know information that may require action such as taking shelter. Alerts may include water advisories, road closures, power outages, evacuations, lock down situations, etc. 
  • Advisories – Important need-to-know information, but not necessarily immediately time-sensitive. Alerts may include missing person, amber alert, prescribed burn notices, etc. 
  • Snow, Flooding, School, Beach Alerts – Important need-to-know information regarding community events and park facilities. Alerts may include cancellation notice due to weather or field conditions, park/facility closure notices and event information. 
  • Traffic Alerts – Time sensitive situations affecting the flow of traffic and creating an immediate hazard on major thoroughfares or at the request of FIRE/EMS/LAW personnel at the scene. 
  • Weather Warnings – National Weather Service Advisories and Watches

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911?
Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 is Gloucester’s official emergency alert and notification system. This system is used to send alerts to the public during emergencies. Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 is a free service that allows you to sign up online to receive customized alerts via text message, email, and voice message. CODE RED WILL NO LONGER BE USED SO NEW ACTIONS MAY BE NECESSARY FOR CITIZENS.

In addition to emergency alerts, you can also choose to receive customizable community notifications. These include notifications about severe weather, safety, health, utility disruptions, major traffic incidents, and more. This service is provided by the city at no cost to the public; however, message and data rates may apply.

Why should I sign-up for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911?
When emergencies happen, be the first to know. The Gloucester Fire and Police Departments use Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 to send official, real-time alerts to the public with information about potentially life-saving actions they may need to take to keep themselves and their families safe. By signing up for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 you are taking a large step toward improving your personal safety.

How does it work?
When an emergency occurs that meets the criteria for sending out an alert to the public, the Gloucester Emergency dispatchers will gather the necessary information and push out an alert to the affected area. Alerts can be sent out city-wide to everyone who has opted-in to the system, or to a specific area or neighborhood for more localized events.

How much does it cost?
This service is provided by the city at no cost to the public; however, message and data rates may apply depending on your provider and phone services.

Can you guarantee that I will receive notification if I register?
Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 is an excellent system, we cannot guarantee that you will receive notification in all cases. Disasters and emergencies are chaotic and unpredictable, and notification is dependent on external providers such as your wireless carrier or email delivery service outside the city’s control. Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 will use several means of communications to try to ensure that should any one communications method, technology, or delivery option be unavailable to reach residents, other methods will be used to improve the likelihood that citizens will see the message.

Signing up

How do I sign-up for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911?
Signing up for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 is easy! Go to and register your contact information.

Who can sign-up for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911?
Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 is available to anyone who lives, works, travels through, or visits Gloucester. The address can be your home location, work location, or any other location you care about.

Will I receive alerts if I don’t sign-up?
Gloucester residents who have a landline phone may receive alerts. However, there are strict rules governing when officials can use this contact information to send out an alert. Only extremely critical alerts containing potentially life-saving information will be sent. In order to ensure that you are able to get all emergency alerts, we recommend that you sign-up for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 online. If you do not sign-up and register your contact information, you will not receive alerts on your preferred devices and may miss out on receiving important safety information.

I don’t own a computer – who can help me sign-up for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911?
You can visit your local library or the Mayor’s Office to sign up online for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911.


What types of alerts will I receive?
Emergency alerts are sent 24/7 when there is an immediate threat to life and/or property. In addition to emergency alerts, you can also choose to receive customizable community notifications. These include notifications about:

  • Severe
  • Safety risks
  • Health risks
  • Transportation disruption
  • Special event information
  • Test messages.

Can I call the alert phone number back or reply back to the email?
You are not able to reply to texts or emails sent by Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911. Voice messages provide a dial-back number to replay an alert message.

When will I start receiving alerts?
Once you have signed up online at and confirmed your contact information within the system, you will begin receiving alerts

How do I update or remove my notification preferences and contact information used by Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911?
Follow the below steps to change your Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 preferences (for example, to reduce the number of messages of a certain type, or to change the contacts used for each kind of message):

      1. Go to the login page for Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911
      2. Login using your Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 username and password (If you’ve forgotten these, follow the instructions on the page under “Forgot Username or Password?”)
      3. Once signed in, click the ‘Preferences’ tab at the top
      4. Under ‘Notification Preferences’, you can make changes to both the phone numbers and email addresses on which you want to receive Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911
        messages by clicking or unclicking the checkboxes
      5. You can also choose what alerts you want to receive and the method you wish to receive them by (text, voice, email)
        1. For example, if you wish to turn off all messages regarding Transportation Disruptions, simply uncheck the box to the left of “Transportation Disruption”
        2. If you wish instead only to receive emails for Transportation Disruption notifications, instead uncheck the “Text” and / or “Voice” choices, so that only “Email” remains checked

How often will I receive alerts?
The frequency for which you receive alerts depends on the addresses you provide and the types of alerts you select to receive as well as the frequency of actual emergencies. Emergency alerts will only be sent when there is an immediate threat to life and/or property. Community notifications will be sent when the criteria for sending an alert are met.
This system is not intended to bombard you with information. The City will only send you alerts about the information you select to receive. To change your alert settings, login to and edit your preferences.

How does Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?
If a call completes and is sent to your answering machine or voice mail system, a message is left. If a phone call is not answered or busy, the system redials your number several times.

Privacy and Contact Information

Will my information be disclosed or shared?
No, your information is private and will not be used or distributed in any manner. The information that you provide is exempt from public disclosure and will be used for emergency purposes only.

What precautions are taken to protect personal contact information stored in the Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911?
Personal information provided to Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 is private and only used to notify you for official Gloucester communications and to support the city’s emergency services. Your information is not used for marketing purposes and will not be sold to telemarketers or data-mining organizations. A variety of “opt-in” mechanisms are available to ensure you are getting just the messages you want to receive, delivered via the devices and communications modes that you choose. Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 utilizes the highest standards in physical and computer security technologies and conducts regular audits to ensure all information is kept secure. Privacy policies are also outlined in the Terms and Conditions you review when you sign up to receive Gloucester Emergency Alerts powered by Smart911 notifications.

Gloucester Traffic, Beach Info & Events: Weekend of June 9 – June 11, 2017

The City of Gloucester through Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken and Gloucester Police Department want to remind the public about expected TRAFFIC this weekend (June 9 to June 11) due to good weather driving beach visitors and other events/festivals that may cause some back-up. Please plan accordingly, with special highlights provided below:

City Seal - Color - Trasparent Background 150x150.png

Gloucester Traffic, Beach Info & Events: Weekend of June 9 June 11, 2017




Expect heavy traffic all weekend between 9AM11AM at:

  • Eastern Ave
  • Thatcher Road
  • Concord Street
  • Atlantic Street

Police Details will be at all beaches


Events – Saturday, June 10, 2017



New England Beach Soccer Tournament 2017

Sat, June 10, 8:30AM – 4PM at Good Harbor Beach

More info:

RR2017 POSTER.jpg

Cape Ann Animal Aid Dog Reunion

Sat, June 10, 11AM – 3PM at Stage Fort Park

More info:


Strawberry Festival

Sat, June 10, 11AM – 4PM at Cape Ann Marina/Mile Marker


More info:

Events – Sunday, June 11, 2017


D.E.S. Portuguese Club Crowning on Trinity Sunday

Sun, June 11, 11AM – 2PM Portuguese Hill Area

More info:


Gloucester High School Graduation Ceremony

Sun, June 11, 1:30PM – 3:30PM– Newell Stadium

More info:


Gloucester Firefighters Memorial Service

Sun, June 11, 9AM – Cherry Hill Cemetery

(procession from Poplar St)

More info: