Finding Christmas Spirit this Friday and Saturday starts in Rockport



RD itinerary for the next few days to find Christmas Spirit.

Friday night December 4 from 4-9 PM Shop Rockport. Bearskin Neck but don’t forget down the street past Shalin Liu for more art and great Tuscan bowls and stuff.

Saturday 1PM The Freemantle Doctor putters into Rockport Harbor with Santa. This is earlier than the previous 50 years so make a note. 1PM. Thousands of children crammed on the docks screaming “IT”S SANTA!!!” I have not seen one fall in yet. Maybe Saturday …

Saturday 1-4PM Santa hangs out in Rockport. Pull his beard. Drink hot chocolate. Sing Christmas Carols.

Saturday 4PM The Rockport Tree lighting in Dock Square.

Saturday 7PM The GMG Christmas Party at Cape Ann Giclee. Even if you have flexilis anatidaephobia like Joey and Craig you have to stop on by. RD will be on a leash.

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