Rockport Middle School $1000 microgrant winner!

 Ray Cahill submits on behalf of Awesome Rockport-
Bee safeBee safe supplies


 On Tuesday, January 26th, Awesome Rockport teamed up with the Education Foundation of Rockport to select one of three Rockport Middle School finalists to receive a $1000 grant to make Rockport more awesome. Kids from grades 5 through 8 were invited to participate, and there were 19 applicants for the grant! Three finalists pitched their ideas in public forum at the middle school cafeteria Tuesday night. Superintendent Rob Liebow and Mr. Jim Gutstadt represented the Ed Foundation and participated in the voting process as well.

The winning pitch, titled “Bee Safe, Bee Natural”, was made by three 5th graders looking to establish a honey bee hive in Rockport. The group wants to maintain the hive, train others about beekeeping, establish a source for local honey production, and help educate others on the challenges facing honey bee populations and why bees are so integral to our health and to the production of the food we eat.

 The two awesome runner up proposals will hopefully reapply in future challenges. One group hopes to establish an outdoor community ice skating rink, and the other is focused on bolstering a cooking club recently started at the Rockport Middle School.

 It was an amazing night of presentations by some inspiring, highly motivated kids! Now that’s AWESOME!

 Check out Awesome Rockport on Facebook for information on submitting proposals in the upcoming RHS and community challenges!