The March Rose Baker Artists



Judy Menicocci (l) and Florence Martin (r) are artist being honored at the Rose Baker Senior Center for the month of March.

Juni Van Dyke has named Judy Menicocci and Florence Martin the March Rose Baker Artists of the Month. Juni is the instructor and coordinator of the Rose Baker Art Program and each month she selects one or two artists from the program to be honored with a show of their work in the lobby of the Senior Center. The show opens the first week in March and can be viewed weekdays from 9am to 4pm until the end of March.

If you ask Judy Menicocci about her art, she will say “Art has always been my escape.” As a child, she was constantly drawing and creating. Later as a busy young mother, her creative outlet was sewing.

Judy’s current passion is watercolor and acrylic. These are new interests for her and as she says, “At 70 years old, I have finally found myself!” In the show, you will see accomplished renderings of Judy’s favorite subjects: the sea and its iconic imagery — lighthouses, rocks, houses nestled by the shore, — as well as her love of gardens and of the spring season that brings them forth.

Florence Martin’s love of drawing and painting also began in childhood and stayed with her through the years. In the back of her mind she was always thinking, “When I retire, I’ll take up art!”

Florence’s profession, a beauty consultant in a hairstyling salon, provided her an outlet for artistic creativity during her working years. Now that she is retired, she is participating in her very first art class. In the class, she is redirecting her creativity into watercolor and drawing. On view in the exhibition are lovely examples of subjects close to her heart: flowers, the four seasons, and Gloucester’s waterfront. Her first attempt at portraiture resulted in an accomplished portrait of a beloved grandson. The portrait is now permanently on view in the room behind the exhibition.