IDRC June Eliminations Final Race Complete June 2016

IDRC June Eliminations

Final Race Complete June 2016

A spectacular race for rowers and fans at Niles Beach, Gloucester

Monday night the open division final race was held.  The race pitted two veteran International champs against to power house brothers.  There was a steady breeze blowing straight into the Niles.  Nick and Vito Giacalone line up in lane one against Jimmy Tarantino and Joe Cominelli in lane three.  The two boats slowly inched up to the starting line even and then it began.  Jimmy and Joe jumped out to a quick half boat lead.  About half way to the flag the Giacalone boys caught up.  From there it was a back and forth battle to the flag.  Jimmy and Joe banged the turn and came out with a slight lead.  But once again the younger brothers made a push and caught the veterans.  Both teams traded the lead all the way home.  About fifty yard from the finish line Jimmy and Joe made a little push and inched ahead over the Giacalone brothers to take the win by a little less than a boat.  It was a tremendous race by both teams.  Now Jimmy and Joe will be back in the boats practicing for the next race on June 18th at the State Fish Pier at 10 AM against the Canadian team.  Congrats go out the all the competitors in the eliminations and best of luck against the Canadians.