Rose Baker Artist Honorees

Juni Van Dyke has selected Bob Quinn and Barbara Maddix as the Rose Baker Summer Artists and they are being honored with an exhibit of their work in the lobby of the Rose Baker Senior Center. Juni is the instructor and Director of the Rose Baker Art Program and every two months she selects one or two artists from the Program for this honor.

Bob Quinn (l) and Barbara Maddix (c) with Art Director Juni Van Dyke standing in front of the summer exhibit.

Even before Bob Quinn enrolled in his favorite high school class, mechanical drawing, he knew art would always be an important part of his life. Over the years, Bob has developed enviable skills in leather carving, metal work, stained glass, and computer graphics and video. His professional career was in marketing and advertising which allowed him to put his creativity and artistic eye to work in the business world.

Bob admires the many notable Cape Ann’s artists, and has used their work to inspire his own personal style of drawing, sketching, and watercolor.  Bob’s style is straight forward, unencumbered, and charming.  On exhibit at Rose Baker are works that delight the eye and reflect the subjects he loves most:  Gloucester and all that is of the sea.

After retiring from a long career assisting one of Boston’s most prominent judges, Barbara Maddix has followed her lifelong interest in art.  Barbara joined the Senior Art Program over 24 years ago. Now in her nineties, Barbara is still an active member of the Art Program.  Some of her most recent contributions to the Program include creating ceramic bowls for Gloucester’s Empty Bowl Dinner and creating numerous iconic scenes for Art Program’s Neighborhood Quilt Project.

Barbara’s paintings are joyful and childlike.  They are rendered with exuberance and a unique sense of color that reflects Barbara’s happy outgoing love of life and the world around her.

The summer show is on display from now until the end of August in the main lobby of the Rose Baker Senior Center at 6 Manuel F. Lewis St in Gloucester. The show can be viewed weekdays from 9am to 4pm.





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