Help Backyard Growers spread garden magic across Gloucester!

Did you know that gardens are magic?


I didn’t think there could possibly be enough room in our little backyard. But Backyard Growers came, and before I knew it, there was our garden. I couldn’t believe that I’d end up with food for my family if I just followed their directions. Plant some seeds. Water. Weed. The veggies appeared. And my kids actually ate them! Magic.

We’ve had our ups and downs. One summer Chris was injured and out of work. I was working, mothering, pregnant and tired, and money was tight. Our garden was the constant. Plant some seeds. Water. Weed. Magic.

Last fall, I got sick. Doctor visits, chemo and long hospital stays threw our family into a tailspin. I told my 3-year-old Dash, “Mom will be better when the plants come up.” I kept looking at my garden, praying that would happen.

Then Backyard Growers came.

I never asked for help, they just came. They planted my garden with such care and purpose. They brought bins of new soil. Their rows of seeds were so straight and evenly spaced. And the plants grew. Magic.

If you ever wonder about what a garden does for a person, a family, a community, come visit me on Harold Ave. Ask any of the kids. You grow a garden, magic happens!

You are part of this magic in our community. Thank you. So many in Gloucester struggle to put food on the table, and with your support, Backyard Growers can help.

Will you help us reach our $10,000 goal and build 40 more gardens next year by giving today? Every $250 raised is another garden. Another family’s table full of fresh, healthy food.

Another opportunity for magic.


Peggy Lyman, Backyard Growers Participant

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