2017 Opening Exhibit at Rose Baker

Every two months, Juni Van Dyke, Director of the Rose Baker Art Program selects two artists from the program to have their works exhibited in the lobby of the Rose Baker Senior Center. For the first exhibit of 2017, Juni has selected a mother and daughter for this honor: Helen Burgess and her daughter Valerie Sadler.

At first when Valerie Sadler would ask her mother, Helen Burgess, join her at the Rose Baker art room Helen would reply: “I have no artistic talent at all.” But Valerie kept asking and eventually Helen gave it a try. Juni and the participants in the program are glad she did as they have found her participation inspiring.

Helen’s individual artistic style confirms Juni’s belief that “whether or not we have a history of formal art training — all of us have something truly unique and wonderful to share by way of the art process.” The works in the exhibit are Helen’s gifts: watercolors with all the energy, tenderness and humor that are the essence of Helen. Her signature repetitive marks are a confirmation that individuality uninterrupted will both flourish and delight.

When Juni asked Valerie Sadler to prepare a statement about her experiences as a visual artist, she began with a quote from Genesis 1:1: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Valerie’s devotion to the mysteries of creation are the bedrock on which her arttic expression exists. Through the exploration of collage and watercolor, Valerie has found her own unique path toward a harmonious and graceful celebration of the natural world.

Valerie says “Like most people, I love walking on the beaches and through the woods of our beautiful seaside city. What a gift it is to experience, with the rolling seasons, the glorious wonders of earth, sea, and sky so unique to New England! And then to try and recreate a small part of it with pen, pencil, bush, scissors, and paint. I thank God for the Rose Baker Senior Center enabling us with a place to sit, observe, imagine, share ideas and encourage one another in the creative process. It’s like a weekly mini vacation for me!”

The works of Helen and Valerie will be on display on display from now until the end of March in the main lobby of the Rose Baker Senior Center at 6 Manuel F. Lewis Street in Gloucester. The show can be viewed weekdays from 9am to 4pm.