TODAy OCTOBER 12th: Raising Urban Chickens, a workshop at Backyard Growers

Raising Urban Chickens


Thursday, October 12th, 6:00-7:30PM

Join Backyard Growers and local chicken farmer Jess Araneo as we discuss these fine birds. From getting started, to meeting city standards, to choosing the right ladies for your flock- we’re excited to answer all your burning questions and leave you ready to start, improve or expand your backyard flock! We’ll spend just over an hour discussing the ins and outs of chicken raising, then leave time to meet a bird or two and answer all your questions. Join us!

Jess is resident in Rowley, MA where she raises over 40 chickens and 20 ducks on less than an acre. She sells eggs from her chickens and ducks out of a farm stand at her house.

Hosted at Backyard Grower Office: 127 Main St, Gloucester

Tickets: $10 Purchase tickets here


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