Rose Baker Fall Art Exhibit

Juni Van Dyke has selected Ginny Dench and Katherine Keith to be featured in fall exhibit at the Rose Baker Senior Center. Their work will be on display in the lobby of the Center from now until December. Juni is the instructor and Director of the Rose Baker Art Program and every two months she selects one or two artists from the Program for this honor.

oct 17-2.jpg

Ginny Dench (l) and Katherine Keith (r)  in front of the fall exhibit

Ginny Dench is an animal lover as well as an artist. She is a devoted volunteer at Cape Ann’s Animal Shelter, and often seen out and about with her own beloved dogs. Ginny’s understanding and love of animals is evident in her endearing drawings and paintings of “all creatures great and small.”

Fish.jpgThis work by Ginny, featuring fish, illustrates her unique style and interesting use of color.

In explaining her path to art, Ginny says “Up until the time I joined Juni’s art class at the Senior Center, my appreciation of nature had been as a watcher. Now my passion for nature has been transferred to images in drawings and paintings.”

When Katherine Keith is not involved in philanthropic works, she is an avid painter of flowers and landscapes.  This exhibit focuses on her original interpretations of the works of the French botanist Pierre Redoute.


The flower above is an excellent example of Katherine’s flowers, which are featured in the Fall Show..

Katherine’s vibrant use of color infuses each floral specimen with a lively and original vitality. Also included in the exhibition are Katherine’s renderings of favorite places around Cape Ann and Maine.