Over 1,000 Cape Ann License Plates Now on the Road

If you are spotting “Love Cape Ann” license plates more often these days, there is a very good reason – over 1,000 special Cape Ann license plates are now on the road.

Cape Ann License Plate

In just a little over a year since they were first issued, these beautiful  plates featuring four iconic Cape Ann images and a colorful artist’s palette have become a familiar sight here on Cape Ann. They are also becoming great ambassadors for our region as their proud owners travel throughout America.

And now, the Cape Ann Community Foundation (CACF) and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to offer a new service that will make it even easier to get your own Cape Ann license plate.

“We will help people complete the online application, either by phone or in person at the Chamber office, and new plates will be mailed right to their home,” explained Barb Sienkiewicz, the Chamber’s office manager and Cape Ann license plate coordinator. “No more trips to the Registry!”

Of course people can also apply online on their own by visiting lovecapeann.com and following the links to get a Cape Ann plate. Anyone with a non-commercial vehicle registered in Massachusetts, including leased vehicles, is eligible.

The CACF – a 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation established by the Chamber to receive and make grants from the proceeds of Cape Ann license plate sales and renewals – has also launched another initiative aimed at increasing sales. Area non-profits and school and youth organizations are being offered a $15 per plate incentive for every new plate they help sell through their organizations.

“We see this as a win-win-win:  a new fundraiser for Cape Ann non-profits, leading to more plates on the road, resulting in more funds for us to give back to the community,” said CACF Board President Ruth Pino.  “We need at least 3,000 Cape Ann plates on the road to ensure funding for future grants; our goal is to get there by 2020.”

Order your own Cape Ann license plate today. Call the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce at 978-283-1601 or visit the Chamber office at 33 Commercial Street in Gloucester.