City Of Gloucester Community Electricity Aggregation Program Information

Opt-Out Period Ends This Saturday, November 17th

To learn more:

Call: (866) 456-8232

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Keep in mind that your National Grid bill is divided into two sets of charges, one for supply and one for delivery. The Gloucester CEA program will only impact the supply portion of your bill. This is identified on your National Grid bill under Supply Services. The program does not affect the delivery or transmission portions of your bill which are substantial. Additionally, summer rates have been historically lower than winter rates. For example, the National Grid residential rate for summer 2018 was 10.87 cents/kWh.

The primary intent of the program is to provide price stability and savings over the duration of the 36-month term. National Grid’s rates for electric supply change every six months for Residential and Small Commercial customers and every three months for Industrial customers. Thus, National Grid Basic Service rates may drop below the program rate during any subsequent period.