Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50 Year Celebration Saturday Night 7/20

The 50th anniversary of the first human footsteps on the Moon will be celebrated on Saturday, July 20 from 8 PM to 10 PM at the Lanesville Community Center (8 Vulcan Street). 

There will be sharing of memories, along with a presentation by former Navy Seal Earl Kishida who helped retrieve the Apollo astronauts at sea. Astronomer Bill Waller will then discuss what we have learned from lunar exploration, and what lies ahead. 

The evening will end with a toast to the Apollo astronauts and to the thousands of people who supported their pioneering missions. The event is free with donations accepted in support of the Rockport Community Observatory Project being led by the Educational Foundation for Rockport.  For more information, please contact Bill Waller at williamhwaller@gmail.com.