Fishtown Horrible’s Parade Winners

Thank you all for coming out on the 3 of July and celebrating with us! Special thank you to everyone who worked hard putting in a float!!!

We would like to congratulate and recognize the winners listed below please contact Doug Goolsby to receive your trophy if you have not already received it thank you




Contact information

Contact #

Most horrible

Mya Goolsby



Most horrible

Angus Goolsby


Most horrible

Katy Hautala


Allison Beal

Most horrible

Clairet& billy Franklin



Most horrible

Samuel Mello


Lesly Mello

Most horrible

Luca and Andronada lammott

H13& 14

Outstanding Horrible

Cyber bullying( Lana Lindsey, Lizzie Harrison, Hanna Sherlock, Anaya Briguglio, Olivia Vargus,jessica Cote,Kylie Mcniff, celina Hanna


Allison Beal

Civic and community

Annisquam players


Terry Sanders

Business and industry

Design of mine


Melissa TarR


Building center


Tim huff

Most unusual

Horror of the fourth


Ed Anderson

Religion and fraternal

Revival church


Jose filho

Best youth



Sal Russo

Judges choice

Markou Bread



Most creative

Capeann surfers


Courtney Hayes

Grand theme



Peter kester

Congratulations to all of our Artist Members Exhibition III award recipients!


Congratulations to all of our Artist Members Exhibition III award recipients! Shelly Eager “Once in a Blue Shrimp”; Pam Pindell “Crouching Nude”; Susan Ellis “Squall Line”; Marie Flahive “Seison”; Faripour Forouhar “The House on the Ocean, Gloucester”; Joyce Wood “Full Moon Rising”; Rachel Wilcox “Diner”; Lawrence Pumfrey “Shelby’s Shed”; Lynne Schulte Lavalley “Party Girl.” Exhibition Two Popular Award recipient is Steve Lush “The Twins.”

Exhibition III is on view through August 3rd. Please join us for the reception and awards presentation on Sunday, July 14th (4-6pm). Open free to the public!

July 12 Meeting of the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club: How do Stars and Planets Form?

This month we’re fortunate to have Catherine Zucker of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics as our guest speaker. Catherine will show us how we have begun to derive accurate distance measurements to large, star-forming molecular clouds in the Milky Way galaxy, and what that means for astronomy.

Why go to all this trouble? Obtaining accurate distance measurements to molecular clouds is important for understanding the star and planet formation process. The advent of large photometric surveys and the Gaia mission offer an unprecedented opportunity to derive the distances and properties of hundreds of millions of stars, as well as the molecular clouds between them. 

Without resorting to scary math, Catherine will explain how we have combined these data with statistical methods to create a new 3D map of molecular clouds in the solar neighborhood (the nearest 10,000 lightyears). As it turns out, these phenomena are surprisingly interrelated — using interactive visualization software, we can find new connections between long-studied molecular clouds that reveal a link between individual star-forming regions and the larger Galactic environment.

The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club meets on the second Friday of every month (except August) at 8:00 pm at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street in Lanesville. There is no cost, and all are welcome. For more info on the club, see the website or Facebook page, and you can follow us on Twitter, @GAACster.

1919 Recreated: A Gallery Showing at the Sargent House

When: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from July 13 – September 1, during museum hours (12 p.m. – 4 p.m.)

Where: The Sargent House Museum, 49 Middle Street, Gloucester, MA

Admission: Free for Museum members, $5 for non-members

Gloucester’s historic Sargent House celebrates its 100th anniversary as a museum with “1919 Recreated: A Gallery Showing,” an exhibit of works by many of the artists who participated in the original 1919 exhibit which launched the museum. As in 1919, the new exhibition brings together works by John Singer Sargent, Theresa Bernstein, Childe Hassam and others. More than 25 works will be shown, many on loan from Rockport Art Association & Museum, the exhibit’s major contributor.

The centerpiece of the exhibit will be a charcoal drawing by John Singer Sargent of his cousin Charles Sprague Sargent, the botanist who led Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum for more than 50 years, and who founded the Sargent House Museum with Universalist minister Levi Powers and William Sumner Appleton, founder of SPNEA (the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, now Historic New England). John Singer Sargent donated the drawing of his cousin to the Sargent House Museum for the 1919 exhibit.

The Fishtown Horribles Parade

The Fishtown Horribles Parade is looking for 45-50 volunteers! Anyone interested should come down the Gloucester High School at 4:30 on the 3rd. The Sign Up table will be in front of the field house under the Gloucester High sign. Please like and share this post to help us get as many volunteers as possible. Thank you and we can’t wait to see you all at the parade!