Natural Skincare Workshop with Backyard Growers

Backyard Growers Natural Skincare Workshop

🌿 Join Backyard Growers at our Natural Skincare Workshop learn how to incorporate botanicals into your skincare routine through homemade products. By making your own skincare, you take full control of what you put on your body, avoiding the harmful chemicals and additives that the beauty industry uses to increase the shelf-life of their products.

So, treat your skin to a restorative break this winter at this workshop! Participants will leave with a take-home face mask and a “how to” lesson on making their own hand cream.

When: Thursday, February 13, 6 – 8 p.m.

Where: Backyard Growers HQ, 3 Duncan Street, Gloucester

Tickets: $20 general admission. Purchase your ticket here or call 978-281-0480.