Tomorrow: The Autumn Equinox And Psychic Readings & Spirit Mediumships

Did you know that our founder John Hays Hammond Jr. and his wife, Irene have a deep history of exploration in the spiritual realm? It’s true! The Hammonds once held séances and performed experiments with ESP in the Great Hall. In honor of their fascination and scientific studies around psychic capabilities, we are hosting an evening of psychic readings and spirit exploration! Join us as we bring together Bruce Hoskins, Red Hoskins, Amanda McElhaney, Michelle Guillemette Trahan and Julie Ann Thompson to offer readings for enlightenment, healing, and inspiration. (*Please see their bios below for more information.) They will also offer romantic relationship readings for singles or couples. This type of reading offers unquantifiable guidance and insights into your love life.

Thirty minute Individual Readings and thirty minute Couple’s Relationship Readings are both $50. Thirty minute Spirit Mediumship Readings are $65.00 each. The cover charge is $8 per guest.

Visit to learn more and reserve your tickets!