Gloucester 400+ Counts Down to 2023!

To usher in the quadricentennial year, on Dec. 31, Gloucester 400+ will put on a “ball drop” bash at City Hall, taking place as the clock turns to midnight in the city’s namesake of Gloucester, England and in Dorset, England, which four centuries ago sent out the band of English fisherman who would build a settlement here.

“Countdown to 2023!” will take place Saturday, Dec. 31, at 6:30-8:30 p.m., at Gloucester City Hall, with hot chocolate and cookies being served, and noisemakers supplied for all. Mayor Greg Verga and 400+ tri-Chair Bob Gillis will be counting to the stroke of midnight in the United Kingdom (at 7 p.m. here). The event is free and open to all comers.