Gloucester Area Astronomy Club Summer Schedule


Just a quick reminder that there is no GAAC meeting in August. Too many people are away on vacation; we’ll be back in September.

Weather permitting, the final Halibut Point State Park star party of the season takes place on Sept 3rd; there will be an early first-quarter moon, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and lots of bright nebulae and star clusters. We’ll be set up next to the Visitor Center. Please park in the paved lot and walk up the path.

Our Sept 9 GAAC meeting will feature Steve Kolaczkowski with an astronomical brain teaser of a presentation, asking “How Do We Know the Things We Know?” and of course with any luck, showing us the answers. This should be a whole lot of fun, so come early for a good seat. More on this later.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer, and we’ll see you in September.