O’Maley Academy 2016 – 2017 After School Program

O’Maley Academy at O’Maley Innovation Middle School in Gloucester

2016 – 2017 Schedule:Fall session – September 12th through November 17th

Winter session – December 2th through February 16th

Spring session – March 6th through May 4th

The online sign up form is up and running on our website:


Contact: omaleyacademy@gloucesterschools.com

At O’Maley Academy, students enjoy digging deeper into personal interests, thinking critically, improving their communication and leadership skills with peers and adults, and having fun. O’Maley Academy is open to all Gloucester middle school age students, is a free program, and runs Monday through Thursday 2:00 – 4:30. There is also a six week summer program.

Allison Cousins is starting as the new Site Coordinator. Ms. Cousins is a guidance counselor at O’Maley, and has extensive experience with after school programs and summer programming. Graham Epple, who teaches Health, will be the new Family Engagement Coordinator.

O’Maley Academy is offering a huge range of programs in STEM, the arts, and health and wellness. Two highlights are: Our well-known drama theater program will begin creating the spring production of Mulan, Jr. with the support of the Set and Costume Design program, and we will run full-day Project Adventure field trips filled with challenges and team-building exercises.

O’Maley Academy Fall Offerings 2016


  • Lego Construction Class
  • Drama
  • A5 Health and Wellnes 6th Grade
  • Kerbal Space Program/ Flight Simulator


  • MineCraft Club at Sawyer Free Library
  • Creative Crew at Art Haven
  • Sound Harbor Music


  • A5 Health and Wellness 7th and 8th Grade
  • Drama
  • Beginning Computer Coding
  • Advanced Computer Coding
  • Theater Set and Costume Design


  • Lego Construction Class
  • Robotics
  • Mountain Biking
  • Theatre and Improv Games
  • Backyard Growers

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