Help Wanted: Gloucester Research Project

Dear Good Morning Gloucester Community,

I am an author in Gloucester and the president of the League of Women Voters of Cape Ann. I have just finished my first book about a suffragist/mountain climber/author named Annie Smith Peck published by St. Martin’s Press (

Now, I am on to my next project about the League of Women Voters. For this, I need your help. I am starting with a history of the league in Gloucester and am trying to find any connections that you may know of to the following women who were in the league during the 1950s. If you have any information about the following women, I would appreciate it if you could contact me at Any information at all is welcome. I’d love to be able to highlight the history of the women in our community on a national stage. Many thanks in advance.

Elizabeth Day of Riverdale (raised on Harbor View Court in East Gloucester)
Dot Whiteman of Riverdale
Sybil Kippen of Riverdale
Clara Legace of Middle Street (ran a beauty salon and served on Gloucester Planning Committee)
Jane Brown of East Gloucester
Constance Davis of Annisquam
General and Mrs. Cunningham of Annisquam
Peg Ferrini (office worker and later a school teacher)
Josie Costello of Washington Street (worked in City Hall)
Mrs. Lodge (a doctor’s wife from Pleasant Street)
Dr. Lois Fesler of Hancock Street
Dorothy Burnham Rose of Riverdale


~ Hannah Kimberley

Wouldn’t it be great to uncover photos of Gloucester women in the League of Women Voters like these Wellesley women, below?

lwv-1948League of Women Voters, Wellesley, Massachusetts circa 1950.