USDA Wildlife Services conducting a crow roost dispersal Mon – Weds

USDA Wildlife Services (WS) will be conducting a crow roost dispersal at 128 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA on February 27th – March 2nd 2017.  This is a non-lethal technique that will require the use of pyrotechnics.  Pyrotechnics have a very similar sound to “bottle rockets” or similar fireworks.  With this comes the inherent risk of many noise complaints and although we do not foresee it happening, an increased fire risk.  WS staff will begin dispersing crows at approximately 17:00 (or earlier if they show up then) on Monday and will continue after sunset or until the last crow comes into the area.  Dispersals are most successful when they are conducted numerous days in a row and that is why we have planned the dispersal for four (4) days.  There is the possibility it does not require all of the days, but we have to prep in case it does.

We cannot stress enough this is a form of non-lethal control and we do not intend to cause harm to crows in the process.  That is the most important talking point to stress with individuals that are not familiar with what we are doing.

If anyone has any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact myself or anyone at our State Office (413) 253-2403.  We hope that by having everyone in the loop on this operation it will ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Thank you all,


Colby E. Cousineau

Wildlife Specialist

USDA APHIS Wildlife Services CT, MA, RI Program

463 West Street

Amherst, MA 01002