Spring Artists Honored at Rose Baker

Every two months, Juni Van Dyke, Director of the Rose Baker Art Program selects two artists from the program to have their works exhibited in the lobby of the Rose Baker Senior Center. For the spring 2017 exhibit, Juni selected two artists with very different styles: Judy Magee and Barbara Jobe.

May Artist 2.jpg

Juni Van Dyke (c) with Judy Magee (l), and Barbara Jobe, the 2017 Spring Artists of the Month.

Judy Magee cannot remember a time when she was not painting or drawing. As a child she began drawing as a way to pass the time and the interest has only grown over the years.

Although she never had formal art training, one of her aunts had a deep appreciation for art and inspired Judy to believe in her talent and pursue her own accomplished versatility and style. In the spring exhibit, you will see the wide rage of subjects that Judy has captured on canvas and the variety of techniques she has mastered.

Barbara Jobe says she has always been a crafts person, creating pieces of art with tile and fabric. Painting is a new undertaking for Barbara as she has only been painting for a few years. She credits her advancement in painting to the encouragement, help and advice that Juni and the other participants in the art group have provided.

Barbara’s paintings are a window into her range of creativity. Whether she is solving a problem by fabricating creative boxes, or creating scenes in clay, watercolor or acrylic, her work is a colorful and interesting expression of self. In the exhibit, you will see a progression of her work and be amazed at how accomplished this new artist is.

The works of Judy and Barbara will be on display on display from now until the end of June in the main lobby of the Rose Baker Senior Center at 6 Manuel F. Lewis Street in Gloucester. The show can be viewed weekdays from 9am to 4pm.