Vote Gloucester for Lyon-Waugh Christmas Charity Challenge

The City of Gloucester is trying to edge our friends in Peabody for the first ever Christmas Cruiser Charity Challenge, as organized by the Lyon-Waugh Auto Group. The rules are simple: head to the Lyon-Waugh Facebook page, vote for your city by replying to the contest post (seen here) and like/share to get the word out. The City with the most votes wins, with the losing side making a donation to the charity of their choice. Contest ends 12/15, so please help Gloucester win by liking and voting on the post now!

Vote Gloucester!

Full details from the Facebook post are as follows:


STEPS FOR THE CHALLENGE. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
1. Visit Lyon-Waugh Auto Group Facebook page
2. Like Lyon-Waugh Auto Group Page (we will monitor these likes so please be sure to perform this important step)
3. Vote for the best looking police #BMW i3 Vehicle by noting in the comment space Gloucester or Peabody

*1 Vote per person. The City with the most votes wins. The loser will make a donation to the charity of their choice. Challenge runs 12-11 until 12-15