Rose Baker Summer Art Exhibit

Juni Van Dyke, director of the art program at the Rose Baker Senior Center, recently announced the artists to be honored in the summer exhibit at the Rose Baker Senior Center. The summer exhibit will feature three artists: Doreen Ross, Natalie Daley and Judy Magee. The exhibit will be on display in the lobby of the Senior Center from now until the fall. The public is encouraged to stop by the Center between 9am and 4pm any weekday to see the work of these accomplished artists.

summer group 19.jpg

The 2019 Summer Artists summer artists (l to r) Doreen Ross, Judy Magee and Natalie Daley pose for a photo with Juni Van Dyke (second from the left).

Doreen Ross lived in the Philippines as a Peace Corps Volunteer. There she encountered a way of life, both meditative and focused, which has been a sustaining influence in her life particularly in her approach to the visual arts. You can see these influences in Doreen’s well-balanced and harmonious renderings in the exhibit. As she says, “The more you paint, the more you see.”

Ross 19-1-Edit.jpg

As you can see in this example, her work is serenely grounded in classical drawing and a color pallet that is uniquely her own.

Many know Natalie Daley, as a long time Gloucester Public Schools teacher but now it is time to get to know her as an artist. For Natalie, painting is a calming experience and an opportunity to express her love for the Cape Ann landscape.

When asked about her interest in watercolor, Natalie said “Creativity has followed me from childhood throughout all the facets of my life.” Looking at Natalie’s watercolors in the exhibit, you will see her creativity and love of Cape Ann.

Daley 19-1-Edit.jpg

In this lively watercolor by Natalie Daley, you can see her affinity for place and the changing color and light of Cape Ann.

Judy Magee cannot remember a time when she was not painting or drawing.  Although she never had formal art training, she has a knack for capturing the essence of her subjects. One of her aunts had a deep appreciation for art and inspired Judy to believe in her ability and pursue her own versatility and style. When you see her work in this exhibit, you will be glad she pursued her love of painting and drawing.

Magee 19-1-Edit.jpg

In this picture, you can see Judy Magee’s beautiful use of color and to evoke our perceptions.