Learn how to grow your own food online with Backyard Growers

Backyard Growers has launched a blog series to help Gloucester residents learn how to grow their own food from the comfort of their own home during the current public health crisis. Check it out here, and dive into the first three posts:

Start here…

canningI’ve Been Told That Spring Isn’t Canceled


  • Why growing your own food matters more than ever during a public health crisis
  • What Backyard Growers is doing for the community during this challenging time to help increase food access and self-sufficiency
  •  What capacity we still have in our community and backyard garden programs for the 2020 growing season
  • How you can get involved

Then read…

filing cabinet garden

I Want a Garden Something Fierce, But…


  • Tips and tricks for gardening with limited resources, everywhere from raised garden beds and containers to front steps and windowsills


Then graduate to…

BYG 2010 Beacon Street Farm Build Pre Fill (1)Stop Fooling Around and Tell Me Where To Get Soil, Compost, and Lumber!


  •  Where to get soil and compost to make your veggies grow like gangbusters!
  •  Source untreated lumber for raised garden beds
  • How to have a garden built FOR you, and gift one to a local family or senior in need

Tune in to the Backyard Growers blog and follow us on Facebook for more regular how-to guides on gardening during the COVID-19 crisis.