Backyard Growers’ online store brings veggie-growing resources to Gloucester residents during COVID-19 crisis

Backyard Growers has launched a new on-line store in response to COVID-19 to get veggie growing resources to all Gloucester residents with contact-free payments and home delivery. Items include:

🌻COMPOST bags from Black Earth Compost
🌱 SEEDS of all kinds!
🍅 GROW BAGS *New custom grow bags to help you grow veggies in tight places
🌿 SEEDLINGS from Cedar Rock Gardens available later this month
DISCOUNTS: Anyone who has participated in the Backyard Garden Program since 2010 will receive a discount. Check your email for the promo code.
FREE + DISCOUNTS: 2020 community gardeners and NEW 2020 backyard gardeners will receive an email that lists the free seeds and seedlings you will receive through the program and a promo code if you want to buy additional items at a discount.
Interested in becoming a 2020 Backyard Gardener? We still have gardens available for income-eligible participants. Learn more and download an application here.